How to make Rakhi at Home/DIY Rakhi

Love of a brother & sister is one of the deepest most purest form of love. You may argue.. you may fight but its always the two of you against the world. Raksha Bandhan for this reason is very close to my heart I have very fond childhood memories associated with this festival.

Since my brother doesn’t like to wear the Rakhi from market. He says it’s uncomfortable to wear. I always DIY his Rakhi from scratch with soft materials that are comfortable to wear:
This year I am doing a series on DIY Rakhi. I have made these Rakhi without the  Hot Glue Gun & other fancy stuff. Mostly used stuff that was already at my home. Get creative & all items are between Rs 2 – Rs. 20

Let`s see what all we need:
1. Soft Yarn/ Thread- To tie the Rakhi
2. Beads of your choice – I had a broken latkan bead you can get this in the price range of Rs.5-Rs.20
3. Fancy Buttons – you can get easily in the price range of Rs.2- Rs.10)
4. Fevicol – It hardens the ends of the thread makes it easier to get through the bead works just like a needle)
5. Kitchen Fork – To make small pompom from the yarn
6. Scissors

Check out my detailed videos on How to make these Amazingly simple yet pretty looking Rakhi


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Valentine’s Day -DIY Gift Idea for Him/Her


Welcome back to the blog!

Love is in the air.. with valentines day just around the corner we thought of sharing this fun DIY card with you. Something handmade speaks out even louder that how much you love & care for this person.

You will need:

  1. Paper of your choice.
  2. Glitter felt sheets (easily available at any craft store)
  3. Thread
  4. Pencil,Eraser, Paper glue & Scissors
  5.  Double sided tape (optional)

Please check out below link (video) for detailed step by step tutorial on how to create this adorable Valentine’s Day Card❤️ Valentines Day DIY- Gift ideas for Someone Special