5 Quick & Easy Running Late Hairstyles

Winter mornings = Lazy mornings

Warm cozy bed & snooze button? Not a good combination 🙈🙈 Just 5 more min & you wake up after 30 min realizing you are in trouble!  Bummer.. Gotta run !!

5 min shower ( or no shower 😛 ) No breakfast..hair a mess & out you go…

Here are few quick & easy hairstyles to step up your hair game for those lazy days. Second & third day hair are just perfect for these hairstyles. These are so easy that you can do it even in your office or college restroom & you are all set to rock the world like a style diva!

The 2 min “Rope Braid”:

  • Brush your hair thoroughly.
  • You can choose to make the braid on a side or the regular way.
  • Grab a section from your forehead & divide it into two.
  • Start twisting.
  • With each twist add a little section of hair.
  • Continue till you reach the end & secure with an elastic band.
  • Loosen up the braid to give some dimension.




Easy ” Doughnut Bun”: Tie your hair into a regular high ponytail. Keep a doughnut bun handy for such mornings(It is easily available in the market or you can do a DIY with a sock,totally up to you) Run it till the end of the ponytail & start wrapping your hair around it. Keep on twisting till you reach the end. You should have a nice bun at the end..You can secure it with bob pins if you feel the need.




Everyday “Fishtail Braid”: Now this one I do agree looks complicated, but in reality it’s not once you get the hold of it.

  • Just grab your hair as you would for a ponytail.
  • Divide in two equal sections.
  • Grab a small section from both the sections from outer side & cross over.
  • Continue braiding till you reach the end & secure it with a rubber band.
  • Loosen up the braid to give some dimension to the braid. Remember the messier the better!




The Elastic HeadbandAnother savior that makes it look like you have put in a lot of effort on your hair but only we know the reality 😉 Just secure the headband in place & wrap the hair around the elastic of the headband.. & here you go! classy.. adjust your bangs to get that effortless look.




The “Messy Bun”: You can never go wrong with a messy bun.  The best thing about this hairstyle is it doesn’t have to be perfect. All you need is a rubber band & few bob pins. Grab your hair into a ponytail . Just twist and secure with other elastic band. Loosen up the bun from some places secure with few bob pins so that it stays in place.  You can also do it on a side.. High or low.. Go experiment whatever looks best on you!




We have tried our best to explain each step to you still if you have any doubts please drop a comment and we will explain.

We promise to do a video demonstrating all these hair styles for you soon, do come back to check that too !

Love –


PS : Pic credit to the rightful owner.


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