Eyeliner Styles to make your eyes bigger

Standards of beauty keeps on changing but “BIG EYES” are one thing that have always been considered as one of benchmarks for a women’s beauty.Well it couldn`t be just a matter of chance that we have so many bollywood songs dedicated to a heroine’s eyes.. Right? “Kajra re Naina..?”, “Ye Kaali Kaali Aankhein” & so on.. All have one thing in common yes! EYES!!

Some are blessed naturally with big eyes, for the rest we have few tricks that can make your eyes look bigger:

The Winged Eyeliner: The most popular one right now. It gives the illusion of the bigger eyes & fuller lashes. Liquid eyeliner works best for the winged eyes. The trick is to start with a thin line & then build it up gradually.

  • Line your upper eyelid as you would normally.
  • Use an eyeliner pencil or a tape to measure where the line would go if you exceed your lower lash-line.
  • Now work your way up. The line should extend diagonally up and out & you have The Perfect Winged eyes. Don`t forget to put on a thick coat of mascara & I personally like to not apply anything on the lower lash line just a coat of mascara.


Double Winged Eyeliner: Now this one is a trick from Marilyn Monroe’s make-up secrets. Carefully draw a winged line on the lower lash line just parallel to the winged line on your upper eyelid or you can also do a small wing with an eyeliner pencil & blend with a brush. The lower wing gives the illusion of fake shadow coming from the upper lashes. Fill the gap between the two lines (upper lid eyeliner and “fake shadow” line on the lower lash line) with white pencil to make your eyes look distinctive.


The Egyptian Style: This one is a little dramatic look for the ones who don`t mind experimenting. But for the rest, you can always tame it down. The only thing distinctive about the Cleopatra Eyes is the inner corner. It’s like a cats eye…well almost. The upper wing is more dramatic & thicker & runs up to the tear ducts of your eyes kind of makes a little triangle there .Use the same eyeliner liner to line the lower lash line too connecting both & you have the Cleopatra Eyes. Optionally you can cover your lids in gold eye shadow again do as you like…


The Arabic Style: What is the first image that comes to our minds when I say Arabic make-up? Mysterious eyes peeping out of a hijab.. Just the eyes.. Here is how to achieve the look.

  • Do the Cleopatra eyeliner.Look where the crease of your eyelid is, take a black or brown eyeliner pencil & line it.
  • Take a small brush blend the line you just created with a darker shade into the crease. You can go bold & apply the liquid liner in the crease too…


The Colored Eyeliners: There are so many colours to choose from but the most popular ones are Blue, Green & Gold. If you wish to jazz up the look a bit.. you can do any of the above mentioned eyeliner styles with your favourite colours or you can mix it with the black eyeliner.



Smudged Eyeliner: You need a pencil or a gel eyeliner for this one. Simply apply the eyeliner on the lower & upper lash line & blend it with the same eyeshadow to get the Smokey effect. It gives the impression of fuller lashes & hence bigger eyes.

(P.S. please excuse the bad quality of below image, lighting was pretty bad)

These are few of my favorite eyeliner styles & believe me I get a lot of compliments for my eyes 😉

Possibilities are endless go out experiment & find what looks best on you…




4 thoughts on “Eyeliner Styles to make your eyes bigger

  1. ciaraolo January 23, 2017 / 10:57 pm

    I don’t think I will ever get the hack of winged eye-liner !😂 good post x


    • The Weekend Closet January 24, 2017 / 1:13 am

      Tape technique really makes it very easy. Use an eyeliner pen..Try it & let us know if that works for you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Weekend Closet January 24, 2017 / 2:56 pm

        You can cheat your way to perfect winged eye by using tape technique or any card.


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