How to use rose water in your everyday beauty regime

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Rose water is one of the best thing you can include in your skin care routine. Rosewater is exactly as it sounds, roses + water. It gives you all the benefits of water plus the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and hydrating advantages of rose. Bonus it smells awesome 🙂1180w-600h_090216_recipe-belles-rose-water-780x440

Chances are you already aware about this magic potion but I suspect most of you have no idea how or why you might want to use rosewater, so here are a few beauty benefits of this amazing product :

  1. Maintains your skin’s natural pH level.
  2. Control excess oil.
  3. Helps clean pores and tone the skin.
  4. Hydrate, refresh and sooth skin, and gives a natural glow.
  5. It also helps aging skin by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. It is suitable for all skin types.

Now for some of the ways I like to use rosewater in my skin care routine:

1. Skin Toner – this is the number 1 way I like to use it. I also love using my Green tea toner and ACV toner. I will post the recipe of these 2 toner very soon, both the toner are super effective but the lingering scent of apple cider vinegar ain’t got nothing on rose.

2. Eye Pack – Soak 2 cotton pad in chilled rose-water and place on your eyes after an all nighter and it will help reduces the puffiness and make you look more fresh and awake and ready for the day. 

3. Face Pack – I always use rosewater in all my face pack and treatments, as it hydrate, sooth and refresh skin and gives a very natural glow.PS- I 99% of time use homemade, DIY, all natural product on my skin.

4. Face refresher/Make-up setter – Spray this on your face  whenever you feel tired and your skin need that boost, or once you are done with your makeup and all set to rock the diva inside you, spray..spray…it works.

5. Skin Treatment – Mix rosewater – 25 ml, lemon 1.5 tsp and glycerine 3 tsp and store in a clean spray bottle, spray on clean skin before bed every alternate day. It heals skin, improves acne, even out skin tone and make your skin glow in no time. you can store this potion up to 15 days, after which make a new batch. In summers store it in your refrigerator. 

These are just a few of the many ways you also can use rosewater. Now that I’ve put everything in a very compact manner for you, I challenge you to go out and experiment!

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